Wild Magazine: Monolith – Moai

Climbing publications the world over are full of stories and photos of top climbers cranking down on insanely tiny holds or desperately steep routes. To the average weekend warrior, plugging their way up their latest project, these features make for great eye candy and motivation to improve. However, it doesn’t necessarily help plan for this or even next year’s great adventure.

I’m delighted to say that Wild Magazine Issue 147 is now available in shops and inside you’ll find my article on climbing The Moai in Tasmania. The article title page, shown below, has Mike searching for a hold near the top of the route. Definitely one of my favourite shots from the trip.

High and Wide: Other &emdash;

You can also read an excerpt from the article on the Wild website here.


Photo of the Week – Week 7

Following on from last week’s shot of The Moai, this week I have a climbing shot from the same day.

We did the outing as a group of three: Scott, Mike and Myself. Scott had done the climb Sacred Site (18) a few years prior, so it was my turn to lead it this day. What a route! A full report is in the making, but this shot is a pretty good representation of the location and the climb. It shows Mike approaching the top while seconding. The waves crash below.

High and Wide: Tasmania 2015 &emdash; Reaching Out

Photo of the Week – Week 6

Ok, so we aren’t even into February and I’ve missed a week. It was for good reason though. I spent the week doing some awesome stuff in Tasmania which I’ll be posting up soon.

Here’s a first look. The Moai is located on the Tasman Peninsula and combined with other sea stacks makes Fortescue Bay a must visit spot for Rock Climbers.

The Moai