Wild Magazine: Monolith – Moai

Climbing publications the world over are full of stories and photos of top climbers cranking down on insanely tiny holds or desperately steep routes. To the average weekend warrior, plugging their way up their latest project, these features make for great eye candy and motivation to improve. However, it doesn’t necessarily help plan for this or even next year’s great adventure.

I’m delighted to say that Wild Magazine Issue 147 is now available in shops and inside you’ll find my article on climbing The Moai in Tasmania. The article title page, shown below, has Mike searching for a hold near the top of the route. Definitely one of my favourite shots from the trip.

High and Wide: Other &emdash;

You can also read an excerpt from the article on the Wild website here.


Photo of the Week – Girraween

Girraween keeps dishing out the surprises. We climbed at a crag we hadn’t visited before on Saturday. The routes and rock formations were stunning. I took this shot as the sun was setting. Tom is climbing one more route for the day before bush-bashing our way back to the track in the dark. Another memorable day out. Girra Adventures

Photo of the Week – Week 7

Following on from last week’s shot of The Moai, this week I have a climbing shot from the same day.

We did the outing as a group of three: Scott, Mike and Myself. Scott had done the climb Sacred Site (18) a few years prior, so it was my turn to lead it this day. What a route! A full report is in the making, but this shot is a pretty good representation of the location and the climb. It shows Mike approaching the top while seconding. The waves crash below.

High and Wide: Tasmania 2015 &emdash; Reaching Out

Visioning the Outdoors

I’m very excited to have two of my photos listed as finalists in the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) – Visioning the Outdoors photo competition.

From here it is a “Like” fest so I would appreciate any votes on my two images (found in the fourth row). http://www.visioningtheoutdoors.com/peoples-choice/peoples-choice-photo/ Thanks.

The images shortlisted are:

Knut cutting loose on Impulse (24) at Frog Buttress

Enjoying the view. Tom at Toolona Falls, Lamington N.P.

Photo of the Week – Week 6

Ok, so we aren’t even into February and I’ve missed a week. It was for good reason though. I spent the week doing some awesome stuff in Tasmania which I’ll be posting up soon.

Here’s a first look. The Moai is located on the Tasman Peninsula and combined with other sea stacks makes Fortescue Bay a must visit spot for Rock Climbers.

The Moai

Climb Now, Work Later

Vertical Life recently ran a photo competition to win a stack load of DMM climbing gear. The goal was to interpret their company mantra of “Climb Now, Work Later” in a photo.

With a promise of splitting the loot, my brother was in, and we came up with a few ideas. After enlisting the help of our very good sport of a Father in the role of “mean boss 1”, this is what we came up with.

Climb Now, Work Later 1

Climb Now, Work Later


Unfortunately we didn’t win. However, not being used to taking these sorts of photos meant that this was a great learning experience, and it was a lot of fun.

Another Day at Frog

An all too familiar scene for those heading to Frog on the weekend

Climbers, as would many people involved in a specialised hobby/sport, have their own language. Whether it’s talking about gear, describing a route or simply talking about where they went on the weekend, it is part of what forms a community around an activity. My brother and I have to be careful at family gatherings as we will talk at length about anything climbing related, essentially excluding the rest of the table from the conversation. My Wife, despite not climbing herself, has also been forced to learn the language and these days is also quite fluent.

When answering the question of “what did you do on the weekend?”, one response sure to baffle all but the dedicated climber (or climbers spouse…or the occasional bushwalker) is: “We had a great day at Frog on Saturday”. Firstly, is Frog a place? If so, where is it and what do you do there? Continue reading

Good Times at Urbenville

Date: 8 – 9 June 2013

As local readers are well aware, the weather in the South-East Corner (and no-doubt beyond) hasn’t been the best lately. Apart from short cold spells, Winter hasn’t really hit yet and the rain has stayed well past its welcome for this time of year. This has made climbing and walking opportunities few and far between. We were determined to get out and do something over the recent long weekend though, and the destination was Urbenville just south of the border. Continue reading

Two Weeks in Tasmania

Date: 23 February – 10 March 2013

I first visited Tasmania in 2008 with Maree. We spent a week touring in a campervan and we loved the place. I’ve been wanting to get back there ever since and this year I’ll be lucky enough to get down there twice. The first trip was with Tom and we spent two weeks walking and climbing at Ben Lomond, Freycinet Peninsula and Mt. Field.

Note: As usual be sure to click on the photos to see the full resolution version. They come out a bit blurry when reduced in size.
Note 2: This is a fairly extended trip report so it might be best to grab a coffee first. 😉

Continue reading