Photo of the Week – Meeting of the Waters

This weeks shot was taken on the same weekend as the previous one up at Springbrook. Maree and I completed the Warrie Circuit which had been on our list since doing the Twin Falls Circuit last year.

The waterfalls were stunning. With the large amount of rain that came through the day before they were all pumping.

This shot is of Meeting of the Waters. A good lunch spot on the circuit and the point where all the water from upstream in the gorge funnels through. The photo is a three shot panorama taken from a rock perched in the middle of the flow. My goal was to capture the power of the water coming through this small gap. Please click through to see the image in a bigger format on Flickr.Meeting of the Waters Upstream

Photo of the Week – Springbrook

We headed up to Springbrook this weekend to do the Warrie Circuit. Despite having the walk planned for a few weeks it turned out to be perfect timing being the day after a huge dump of rain. More photos and a trip report will be incoming soon. In the mean-time here is a shot I took on Saturday evening at sunset looking towards Lamington N.P.

A bit of technical info on the photo for anyone interested:

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing “sun-burst” like this use a smaller (higher number) aperture on your camera. The downside is that very small apertures lead to an overall less sharp image. To counter this I took two shots here. One at f22 for the sun, and a second at f8 for the rest of the image.

After processing them both similarly in Lightroom it was a fairly simple matter to load them both up as layers on Photoshop and erase out the sun from the f8 shot. Thanks for looking. Comments, questions and constructive criticism are always welcome. High and Wide: Landscape &emdash; Springbrook Sunset

Edit: This image is now available for purchase as a canvas or beautiful acrylic facemount print. Click through the image above to see size and pricing options.

Photo of the Week – Looking Up

After heading down into the Coomera River from Binna Burra, then back up the other side of the valley we reached this amazing stand of Tallowood on the ridge. This one in particular caught my eye. The huge gnarled old fella, past its prime, now uses another tree as a crutch. The smaller ones race each other to fill the void in the canopy it left behind.

Looking Up

Larapinta Falls

Lamington National Park is one of those places that you can spend a lifetime exploring; some people do. Having started my exploration roughly 25 years ago I’m on my way, but of course, don’t find it hard to discover new places within the park that I’ve never heard of before.

Larapinta Falls on Christmas Creek is found in the Southern section of the park and until weeks ago was one of those places. Continue reading

Mt. Cougal

Date: 6 April 2012

This walk had been mentioned numerous times on the bushwalking forums and the views had always looked great so we finally got a chance to do this in April. The drive from Brisbane took  a while but once you leave the highway and head into the Currumbin Valley it is very pleasant. Continue reading

Binna Burra: Lower Belbird Circuit

Looking across to Ships Stern

Date: 28 Nov 2011

After having our Girraween trip cut short by rain the week before we wanted to get out for another walk while we were still on holidays. Trying to avoid the heat somewhat we headed for higher altitude and shady rainforest at Binna Burra. We decided on the Lower Belbird Circuit which I remembered as a highlight of the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk. Continue reading

Albert River Circuit

Date: 5 March 2011

Walkers: Kurt, Tom, Mary, Myself

Now that Summer is finished, the heat is easing up (supposedly) and bush camping at Lamington NP is re-opened we thought it was about time to get out for an overnight walk again. This would be Kurt’s friend Mary’s first bushwalk so we decided to make it a completely on-track walk leaving from O’Reillys, walking the Albert River Circuit anti-clockwise, camping at Bithongabel and returning via the Tooloona Creek circuit or taking the shorter way back along the border track depending on how we felt. Continue reading