Photo of the Week – Springbrook

We headed up to Springbrook this weekend to do the Warrie Circuit. Despite having the walk planned for a few weeks it turned out to be perfect timing being the day after a huge dump of rain. More photos and a trip report will be incoming soon. In the mean-time here is a shot I took on Saturday evening at sunset looking towards Lamington N.P.

A bit of technical info on the photo for anyone interested:

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing “sun-burst” like this use a smaller (higher number) aperture on your camera. The downside is that very small apertures lead to an overall less sharp image. To counter this I took two shots here. One at f22 for the sun, and a second at f8 for the rest of the image.

After processing them both similarly in Lightroom it was a fairly simple matter to load them both up as layers on Photoshop and erase out the sun from the f8 shot. Thanks for looking. Comments, questions and constructive criticism are always welcome. High and Wide: Landscape &emdash; Springbrook Sunset

Edit: This image is now available for purchase as a canvas or beautiful acrylic facemount print. Click through the image above to see size and pricing options.

Photo of the Week – Girraween

Girraween keeps dishing out the surprises. We climbed at a crag we hadn’t visited before on Saturday. The routes and rock formations were stunning. I took this shot as the sun was setting. Tom is climbing one more route for the day before bush-bashing our way back to the track in the dark. Another memorable day out. Girra Adventures

Photo of the Week – Looking Up

After heading down into the Coomera River from Binna Burra, then back up the other side of the valley we reached this amazing stand of Tallowood on the ridge. This one in particular caught my eye. The huge gnarled old fella, past its prime, now uses another tree as a crutch. The smaller ones race each other to fill the void in the canopy it left behind.

Looking Up

Review: Ortlieb V-Shot Camera Bag

High and Wide: Ortlieb V-Shot &emdash; DSC06615

Product testing the Ortlieb V-Shot

Like many photographers and outdoors enthusiasts I’m always on the lookout for the holy grail of camera bags. To me, the bag that I choose enables my style of photography, and is therefore almost as important as the camera itself. Some of the attributes which I evaluate closely include:

  • Quick access: This is very important to me. There is no way I want to have to take off my pack and dig around for the camera when I see a shot while out bushwalking.
  • Comfort: Equally important is the level of comfort. If I’m walking all day I want the camera to be comfortable enough that I’m not tempted to put it away out of reach.
  • Closure system
  • Level of protection: The bag has to do its job at protecting the gear inside while in objectionable conditions.
  • Robustness and weatherproofing: The bag has to hold up to some abuse and ideally have some level of weatherproofing.

After an extended period of making do with what I had I came across the Ortlieb V-Shot holster style case. With its unique feature set including being weatherproof to an IP67 rating I was intrigued enough to make the (not insignificant) investment and try one out for myself. Continue reading

Toolona Creek Circuit

High and Wide: Landscape &emdash; Chalahn Falls

Chalahn Falls

Check out the latest issue of the emag (PDF download). Tom and myself have contributed a few articles including this one on the Toolona Creek Circuit at Lamington N.P. that we did back in January.

Excited to see some of our articles with some nice layout applied and published alongside some well known writers and organisations.

You can also check out the full gallery of higher res images from the walk here. Some images (such as the Chalahn Falls shot above) are available for purchase as prints in the landscape gallery.

High and Wide: Toolona Creek - Jan 2015 &emdash; Lush



Photo of the Week – Northbrook Gorge Tranquility

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I posted a photo of the week so here’s one from Northbrook Gorge in the D’Aguilar N.P. near Brisbane. I had this shot in mind from the moment we arrived at the gorge. However, it was a popular day in the creek so I had to wait until the swimmers all decided it was too late and headed back down the creek.

A circular polariser was used to cut reflections in the water and accent the colour of the rocks. High and Wide: Landscape &emdash; Northbrook GorgeThis image is a new addition to my landscape portfolio. This means you can purchase it as a print by clicking on the image itself and looking for the buy prompts.

I’ve recently refined my price lists and found an excellent supplier for very high quality canvas and acrylic prints. Let me know if you have any questions.

Modern-day Dragons

As an entomologist and insect photographer, I am constantly amazed and bewildered by the diversity and adaptability of our six-legged friends. My goal here is to share some of my interest with those of you reading, and hopefully improve your overall perception of insects. So for my first insect-focused article on High and Wide, I thought I’d introduce you to one of my favourites – the dragonfly.


A happy dragonfly

Continue reading

Photo of the Week – Week 8

When visiting Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain we spent the afternoon just wandering around taking photos. We were lucky to come across this echidna right on the track that wasn’t phased at all by us taking photos. It just wandered around munching on ants.

I was using a 60mm Leica-R Macro lens so only had manual focus, but it allowed me to get very close and I hoped that if I could nail focus the results would be very sharp.

After watching him/her move around I set myself up where I thought it would move next. I preset focus and got ready. Sure enough, it came straight for me. Pushing its way through the stubborn undergrowth while I snapped as fast as I could.

To my delight this shot caught its eye in focus. I have entered this photo into Australian Geographics ANZANG photo competition which closed last week. Looking at previous years photos the quality is very high, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed and see what the judges think.

Coming Through