Overnight at Fig Tree Point

High and Wide: Fig Tree Point &emdash; Sunset Glow at Fig Tree Point

It’s late January in South-East Queensland and summer is really starting to kick into gear. What better time to go for a walk in the hot, steamy wetlands of the Cooloola Recreation Area…. Right?!

With our time left in Queensland very quickly ticking away (we are moving to Tasmania in March), Maree and I have been forced to stop being picky about the weather in order to give ourselves the best chance of finishing off our tick-list of local adventures before we go. So with this mantra in mind, and despite the poor forecast of hot and stormy weather, we hit the road as soon as work finished for the week and headed North. Continue reading

Best Winter Ever?

Frosty Flinders

Flinders Sunrise

Winter in South-East Queensland is awesome! High friction on the cracks at Frog Buttress, beautiful cool and clear days and you don’t have to get up as early to get photos of sunrise. It’s pretty much all good.

This years season has definitely been a memorable one. All I have to do is walk outside and look at my poor Subaru to be reminded of a few of the adventures. Yet to be cleaned, it is still encrusted in a fine layer of mud and dust caused by snow melt on the slippery back-roads of Ben Lomond (NSW). Continue reading

Toolona Creek Circuit

High and Wide: Landscape &emdash; Chalahn Falls

Chalahn Falls

Check out the latest issue of the bushwalk.com emag (PDF download). Tom and myself have contributed a few articles including this one on the Toolona Creek Circuit at Lamington N.P. that we did back in January.

Excited to see some of our articles with some nice layout applied and published alongside some well known writers and organisations.

You can also check out the full gallery of higher res images from the walk here. Some images (such as the Chalahn Falls shot above) are available for purchase as prints in the landscape gallery.

High and Wide: Toolona Creek - Jan 2015 &emdash; Lush



Visioning the Outdoors

I’m very excited to have two of my photos listed as finalists in the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) – Visioning the Outdoors photo competition.

From here it is a “Like” fest so I would appreciate any votes on my two images (found in the fourth row). http://www.visioningtheoutdoors.com/peoples-choice/peoples-choice-photo/ Thanks.

The images shortlisted are:

Knut cutting loose on Impulse (24) at Frog Buttress

Enjoying the view. Tom at Toolona Falls, Lamington N.P.

Larapinta Falls

Lamington National Park is one of those places that you can spend a lifetime exploring; some people do. Having started my exploration roughly 25 years ago I’m on my way, but of course, don’t find it hard to discover new places within the park that I’ve never heard of before.

Larapinta Falls on Christmas Creek is found in the Southern section of the park and until weeks ago was one of those places. Continue reading

Surprise! Twin Falls Circuit

Springbrook Cliffs

There are many ways in which to be surprised in the bush. There are good ways and not so good ways. All of them, however, combine to help create the lasting memories which stay with us long after we finish a trip or walk. Last week, Maree and I did the Twin Falls Circuit at Springbrook N.P. and going by this measure, we are sure to remember this walk for a long time. Continue reading

Merry Christmas/Year in Review

With Christmas virtually upon us, and as a thank you to those who have supported the blog over the years or those who have shown interest in its new incarnation here over the last month, I thought I’d put up a full quality version of one of my favourite landscapes from this year for readers to use as a PC desktop.

To download the image click the preview below, then click the download button at the top of the page. If you’d like different resolutions just let me know via a comment below.

Mt. Maroon East Face

Mt. Maroon East Face 1920 x 1200px Desktop Background

Continue reading