Natural Bridge

High and Wide: Natural Bridge &emdash; Cave Creek
Natural Bridge is an icon of South-East Queensland and a very popular spot for tourists. This is largely due to its ease of access, however there is no denying its status as a unique and beautiful addition to the wonderful Gold Coast Hinterland.

High and Wide: Natural Bridge &emdash; View from a ditch

View towards Binna Burra and Egg Rock from the Numinbah Valley beside the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd.

Located in the Springbrook National Park, Natural Bridge is tucked in at the base of the cliffs that surround the plateau. It can be reached by driving out along the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd past the small township of Numinbah until you see the signs heading off to the left.

There isn’t a lot to say about the walk. The sealed track is short and easy with only a few steps to negotiate. It meanders through huge strangler figs and lush rainforest, crossing Cave Creek twice.

High and Wide: Natural Bridge &emdash; DSC06381

Huge strangler fig beside the track

There are two main views of Natural Bridge itself. The first (if walking clockwise around the circuit) is found inside a deep cave where the water tumbles through a gaping hole in the roof, landing in the pool below. Glow worms are a feature here at night and there are numerous signs asking visitors to stick to the paths inside the circuit to maintain their habitat.

High and Wide: Natural Bridge &emdash; Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

The second vantage point is from above. Viewing platforms allow you to see the water cascading towards the opening.

High and Wide: Natural Bridge &emdash; Natural Bridge Falls

Natural Bridge from above

After crossing the creek for the second time there is a short walk back to the start. This really is a spot not to be missed, however with the high number of visitors it is even more important to remember to leave no trace. Take out what you take in, and have a great day out.

High and Wide: Natural Bridge &emdash; DSC06379

Patterns in Nature


3 thoughts on “Natural Bridge

  1. ‘Leave no trace’… unfortunately a foreign concept to some people no matter how many signs are put up to remind them.
    Beautiful photos! The rain forest around there is quite amazing.

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