Photo of the Week – Week 8

When visiting Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain we spent the afternoon just wandering around taking photos. We were lucky to come across this echidna right on the track that wasn’t phased at all by us taking photos. It just wandered around munching on ants.

I was using a 60mm Leica-R Macro lens so only had manual focus, but it allowed me to get very close and I hoped that if I could nail focus the results would be very sharp.

After watching him/her move around I set myself up where I thought it would move next. I preset focus and got ready. Sure enough, it came straight for me. Pushing its way through the stubborn undergrowth while I snapped as fast as I could.

To my delight this shot caught its eye in focus. I have entered this photo into Australian Geographics ANZANG photo competition which closed last week. Looking at previous years photos the quality is very high, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed and see what the judges think.

Coming Through

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Week 8

    • Yep. My friend that lives down there says they will go either way. Be completely oblivious to you, or be very skittish. Maybe, as you say, it depends on how hungry they are. Or how they’ve been conditioned in their particular location by the presence of people.

      Thanks. The high country ones with their extra fur are very cute and always look sleepy.

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