Summer Update

Girraween Cascades

It seems like only yesterday that I was doing the Winter Update. Somewhere along the line Spring happened and now we find ourselves being slammed by Summer and all the storms, heat and humidity this brings to the South-East Corner and beyond. What are your adventuring plans for the hotter months?

It can often be hard to find the motivation to get out and do something when the weather is so oppressive. However, I remind myself that being the climbing (or more importantly Frog Buttress) off season, it is a good time to catch up on some long neglected bush walking.

My plans involve hitting the local “high country” at the Gold Coast Hinterland and Bunya Mountains to hopefully find some lower temperatures. Finding a creek with some water in it should be an easier prospect with the recent rain we’ve been having too.

Yulludunida Crater and Beyond

Yulludunida Crater and Beyond. Mt. Kaputar N.P.

If all else fails, head South. If you haven’t been there before I wholeheartedly recommend Mt. Kaputar N.P. in North-Central NSW. It is often overshadowed by its more well known neighbour: Warrumbungles N.P.,  but it is equally as impressive and has the advantage of getting you up to 1500m altitude.

If rock climbing is your thing you’ll probably be turning to Mt. Coolum, Slider Crags at Mt. Tibrogargan or some of the crags at Mt. Ngun Ngun for shady options. Of course we are also lucky to have Kangaroo Point cliffs available all year round with night climbing under lights the best decision this time of year.

Stay hydrated, slip slop slap and have fun.

Suggested Walks:

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