Mt. Greville: Waterfall Gorge

Mt. Greville, North-Eastern Face
Mt. Greville

Date: 21 Sep 2013

Here’s a walk that I never got around to posting from last year… Since completing the walk up Palm Gorge in 2011, Mt. Greville has been a favourite location of mine. In the time since then I have taken some family up Palm Gorge and been back a couple of times rock climbing in Waterfall Gorge. Until this point though, I still hadn’t been all the way up via this route.

After starting up the same track used for Palm Gorge we quickly reached an intersection with Waterfall Gorge signed as the right fork. The track from this point was rocky and loose with some steep sections as we climbed a small ridge. Once attaining the ridge we enjoyed the view that emerged up into Waterfall Gorge before dropping down to its mouth via a steep (in this case muddy) section.

A creek ran the length of the gorge, however due to the lack of recent rain the water trickled underground for most of the walk. Cliffs also lined the gorge for most of its length and the terrain was moderately steep with some sections of scrambling. Keep an eye out for rock climbers scaling the beautifully coloured rock as you go.

Some small sections of scrambling
Still plenty of palm trees

Track notes from Take a Walk: in SE Queensland indicated that the main difficulty on this walk would be the waterfall near the top of the gorge. We weren’t sure what to expect, but what we found definitely wasn’t the most imposing set of falls. We simply walked up the “falls” directly and then scrambled up to the left for the final section. You could also veer left at the base of them to avoid the small scramble.

The Falls (the tree is lying on the ground, not upright ;))

From the top of the falls it wasn’t long until we reached the head of the gorge. We stopped here for lunch where there was a good view towards Mt. Moon and the range. At this point there was an option for a detour from the summit track which headed up to the right along a well worn foot pad. This took us to an excellent lookout (where the title photo was taken).

Back from the top of the gorge we headed left via a series of footpads and tape markers to the top of the South-East Ridge, then onto the top of Palm Gorge. From here you could continue on to the summit via the well worn track (see previous posts for details on Palm Gorge and the South-East Ridge). For this trip we decided to descend down the beautiful Palm Gorge to avoid the heat.

Rest assured though, no matter which way you choose, you’re in for a treat.

Exposed roots on the way down Palm Gorge

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