Winter Update

Mt. Greville, North-Eastern Face
Mt. Greville
I hope everyone is making the most of the best time of year to get out bushwalking in S.E. Queensland? This time of year is particularly good to head out to the Main Range and Moogerah Peaks National Parks where the often exposed terrain can be draining in the summer heat.

Some of my recommendations for this area include:
  • Mt. Greville – Palm Gorge and SE Ridge: This day walk is a great introduction to my favourite of the easily accessible peaks in the region. Other walk options include Waterfall Gorge and even the Northern Gorge for the more adventurous.
  • Mt. Mitchell: One of many great walks leaving from Cunningham’s Gap in the Main Range N.P. Views from the top are stunning with interesting walking through a variety of bushland to get there.
  • Spicers Peak: Not for the beginner, this walk involves negotiating some very steep terrain. However, the views and and exposure definitely get the blood pumping and provide for a unique experience.
Most of my recent adventures have revolved around climbing, as I attempt to make a statement to myself about getting fitter whilst getting older and push to cleanly ascend as many climbs as possible at my (prior to April) previously un-achievable grade of 20 or higher before I turn 30 in September.
This challenge has taken me back to a few of my favourite crags in the area including (of course) Girraween for another winter trip this weekend just passed. I wouldn’t recommend the park in winter unless you don’t mind the cold, but personally I think it is one of the best times to visit. You virtually have the place to yourself and the days are beautiful for walking.
The wildflowers and wattles are already making a showing and I can’t wait to head back in September to hopefully see them in full bloom.

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