Gwongoorool Pool

Date: 25 April 2014

Gwongoorool Pool is located on the Upper Coomera River within Lamington N.P. in the Gold Coast Hinterland. If you’re after a swim in beautiful crystal clear pools with perfect stoney beds then this could be the walk for you. Just watch out for the eel!

The track starts from the National Parks Information Centre which is 5 minutes down the road from the Binna Burra campsite and lodge. The trend is set early with the track heading down the hill immediately. Within minutes we came upon this Eastern Yellow Robin stalking some insects.

The highlight of the first half of the walk was the interesting rock features as the track follows a cliff line down the ridge. This staircase was carved out of the rock.

The rough halfway point is marked by a waterfall trickling 40 or 50 metres into the beautiful rocky creek bed below; a great setting for a snack and a break before continuing down the slope. The track zig-zags back and forth maintaining an easy gradient before you reach a junction where the Illinbah Circuit continues straight while the left branch heads to the Coomera River and Gwongoorool Pool.

Gwongoorool Pool

The pool itself would be a beautiful place for a dip in summer, but we were both too chicken to get in. I guess those stories about the giant eel with a taste for human flesh just stuck in my mind (or maybe it was just too cold). Surrounding the pool were numerous running cascades and after lunch we spent some time exploring up the river. We were not disappointed.

We eventually dragged ourselves away from the hypnotic pull of the tranquil setting and headed back the way we had come. If heading back to Brisbane you can take the scenic route home by heading left at the roundabout before Upper Beechmont and heading back through Canungra and then Beaudesert.

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