Gap Creek Falls

Date: 13 April 2014

One of the last remaining track walks starting from Cunningham’s Gap that Maree and I were yet to do was to Gap Creek Falls. I guess the thought of driving up the range only to walk back down again just never appealed to us. However, with overcast weather and cloud covering all the peaks we decided it was a good day to head down the range.

The track starts on the Cordeau side of Cunningham’s Gap and heads to the lookout where you must make the decision to head up to Cordeau or head down to the falls. You notice the difference in the track quality straight away when it changes from wide paved track to a more natural bush surface; still very good quality though.

The track zig-zag’s down the range and you can get views back across to the highway and Mt. Mitchell through the trees at each of the first few turns. Unfortunately the serenity is slightly spoiled by noises of traffic for this first stage of the walk. The bird life was abundant so keep your eyes peeled and tread softly. We spotted a couple of Fruit Doves among others.

The track picks its way down the slope, somehow finding a path between various steep sided gully’s all the while maintaining a sustained but reasonably gradual slope. As you descend, the rainforest gives way to open grassy slopes before you get views of the first of two waterfalls. Not long after this you reach your destination of Gap Creek Falls. The view of the falls seen in the photo above can be reached by heading off the track to the left (mind the drop) before you make the final scramble down to the falls.

The top of the falls makes for a great lunch spot before returning the way that you came. On our return journey we spotted a few snakes including this beautiful big carpet python.


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