Cedar Creek Falls

Date: 2 Feb 2014

This past weekend we headed to the D’Aguilar National Park to do an off track walk along Cedar Creek. I say off track because there are no formal markings, however it is extremely hard to get lost while following the creek as it is wide and rocky for most of the way.

The walk starts at the end of the public access section of Cedar Creek Rd. where there is parking beside the road available as long as you beat the swimming hole crowds. From here you simply rock hop and walk up the creek finding the path of least resistance.

Cedar Ck. near the start

The first 20 minutes or so are a bit disheartening with all the graffiti and rubbish along the path. This is due to the large number of people that come to the area to swim in the beautiful rock pools. However, if you persist and push further upstream past the major swimming areas the creek is still in good condition and provides a beautiful setting for a walk.

For the most part the creek is easy to navigate. Some sections near the start have footpads worn by the crowds which bypass some large drops. Ignoring all of the minor creeks that enter Cedar is fairly obvious. There is only one spot where a major tributary enters from the left (facing upstream) and there is a small waterfall and cliff. This can be easily bypassed by heading up the wrong (left) branch then cutting back across to the right.

Waterfall to be bypassed
Large slabby section above the waterfall

There are only a handful of easy scrambles required, otherwise it is fairly standard rock hopping.

Some scrambling required
Crystal clear water

The falls themselves are hard to miss and a great lunch spot before the return journey. The top of the falls can be reached via a rocky slope to the right.

Cedar Ck. Falls

In total, the walk is roughly 3 – 3.5KM, however it can be slow going because of the rock hopping so allow plenty of time so you can enjoy the scenery. It is a beautiful spot if you can avoid the crowds and we are planning on investigating more of the creeks in the area so stay tuned.

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