Purling Brook Falls

Date: 31/12/2013

Some bushwalks are popular for a reason. Often because the spectacular view to effort required to get there ratio is fairly high. The Purling Brook Falls walk in Springbrook N.P. definitely fills this quota. The falls themselves can be viewed from a lookout easily accessible from the carpark along a concrete path. However, things only get better as the walk progresses and to answer the question of one walker heading in the opposite direction as we were heading back up the hill… “Yes it is worth going down there”.

Once passing the lookout at the top of the escarpment the track heads down hill via a series of switchbacks and stairs; still all very wide and well formed. As the track descends the bush gives way to rainforest and a myriad of ferns, mosses and the wildlife contained within.

Some of the wildlife
On closer inspection...
Maree Inspecting the Foliage

On our way we came across skinks at every turn, some trapdoor spiders and little snake trying to escape the noise of our clomping boots. The track followed the base of a cliff where some amazing rock formations could be seen before eventually reaching the lookout near the base of Purling Brook Falls themselves. It was a bit of a disappointment seeing the storm damage to the track that prevents visitors from walking around behind the waterfall like we did on our previous visit though.

Purling Brook Falls

From here it is worth continuing along the track to Warringa Pool. Depending on the weather this can be a very popular swimming spot. We came across some Giant Stinging Trees at a creek crossing on this section of the track where we could see the beetles that eat the distinctive holes in the leaves of these trees.

Beetles munching on giant stinging trees

After reaching the pools we decided that it wasn’t hot enough for a swim and that we would continue rock hopping down the creek to find a good spot for lunch. It is rare that you aren’t rewarded by putting in a bit of extra effort to explore an area in the bush and even on a busy walk such as this it is easy to find a spot where all you can hear is the water in the creek.

Rocky Creek

After finishing a leisurely lunch we headed back the way we had come feeling thoroughly refreshed and ready for the new year ahead.

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