Another Week in Tasmania

Date: 14 – 22 April 2013

As mentioned in my previous post, I managed to get down to Tassy twice this year and this would be my second trip. This time was for my honeymoon with my beautiful wife Maree and once again The Apple Isle didn’t disappoint. The itinerary for the trip included Freycinet Peninsular (again), Tasman Peninsular, Bruny Island and Hobart.

Freycinet Peninsular

This place just has a certain magnetism for me. I’m not sure exactly what it is about it, but every time I’ve been it has been a struggle to leave. That first view of The Hazards from the road into Coles Bay gets you every time and it has that perfect combination of activities and quietness that I enjoy (except if you do the Wineglass Bay track).

This time round we did a Kayak tour on Coles Bay and finally did the Wineglass Bay track. The track heads up the saddle between Mt. Amos and Mt. Mayson and is akin to a highway. It even has one track for people heading up and one for people heading down. It is popular for a reason though with great views of the surrounding mountains and Coles Bay on the way to the Wineglass Bay Lookout sitting in the saddle.

View towards Coles Bay
Mt. Mayson
Wineglass Bay from the lookout

The track from the lookout down to the bay itself was much quieter and a bit rougher. Well worth the extra 45 minutes or so to get there.

Flower on the track
This guy was very inquisitive
Wineglass Bay

The beautiful weather continued for us the next day for the kayak tour. The tour departed from the boat ramp and headed across Coles Bay to Honeymoon Bay and back along the coastline. Highly recommended for a unique view of the bay and the mountains.

Stunning views of the mountains from the water

Bruny Island:
We first heard of Bruny Island after buying the cheese made there at the Salamanca Markets a few years ago. The plan for our two days there was a wildlife adventure cruise and of course a walk. The cruise left Adventure Bay and headed out and around Penguin Island and into the Southern Ocean. The weather was fairly dark and wild but we had a blast.

Fluted Cape past Penguin Island
Rough Seas

The next morning the weather held off long enough for us to do the Fluted Cape circuit. The walk first heads for Grassy Point along nice and flat terrain with signs along the way describing the past whaling industry.

His and Hers Cairns
Popular spot for it

From Grassy Point the track follows the coastline and heads steeply up hill above the fluted cliffs.

Looking towards Fluted Cape
Bennett’s Wallaby
View from near the top

The wind was blowing hard when we reached the top of the cape, so we hung around only long enough to take some quick snaps before following the track away from the coast and back down through open forest  to the start. The gradient was much more gentle on this section than on the way up.

We spent the final few days in Hobart where we spent most of the time eating. We did find time in between stuffing our faces to make the drive up Mt. Wellington though. We hoped to be there for a gap in the clouds but unfortunately didn’t get a clear view from the top. There was some snow though and we got some great views of the Organ Pipes and back down to Hobart from the circuit walk starting at The Springs carpark.

Hobart below the clouds
Tunnel of trees
The Organ Pipes
The clouds trying to catch up to us


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