Mt. Matheson Circuit

Date: 9th June 2012

Looking to make the most of the long weekend Maree and I decided to head out for a walk. We decided on a circuit starting at Spicers Gap on the Main Range heading up Mt. Matheson. The walk started from the picnic ground next to the Spicers Gap campsite and was built by the National Parks Association. The track is nice and wide most of the way and had some really interesting features and a different outlook of the surrounding area.

The track headed gradually up hill from the start with the bush starting as fairly lush rainforest before opening up to the usual eucalypts and grass trees that are common on the Eastern Slopes of the Main Range. The reasonably recent logging of the area was still evident in the lack of large trees.

After reaching the ridge we continued North before the ridge took a sharp turn to the South-West and some great views of Mt. Mitchell and Mt. Cordeaux appeared.

Mt. Mitchell & Mt. Cordeaux

The track continues along this ridge passing through some large boulders and eventually making its way to the top of a rocky outcrop with great views to the North-East. Mt. Mitchell was still particularly impressive.

Mt. Mitchell

From here the track continued in the same direction until it intersected with the main ridge of the range and headed South back towards Spicers Gap. Along the way the foliage switched again between lush rainforest and some open cleared sections with some stunning stag-horns hanging in the trees.

The timber jinker was an interesting stop along this section before the track met up with the road and headed towards the Governors Chair car park.

Timber Jinker

We stopped at Governors Chair for lunch where there are some great views across the Moogerah Peaks.

View from Governors Chair

To return to the start we followed the Spicers Gap road. Overall this was an enjoyable and relaxing walk.

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