Mt. Cougal

Date: 6 April 2012

This walk had been mentioned numerous times on the bushwalking forums and the views had always looked great so we finally got a chance to do this in April. The drive from Brisbane took  a while but once you leave the highway and head into the Currumbin Valley it is very pleasant.

Starting up hill immediately the walk follows the border fence nearly the entire way to the peak of the mountain, making route finding extremely easy. The track wasn’t maintained though and the first section passes through some very overgrown grassy sections covered in cobblers pegs. I would recommend wearing full gaiters.

Overgrown track

Before long you are greeted with some great views back up the valley and across to Mt. Cougal and Mt. Tallebudgera

First view of Mt. Cougal and up Currumbin Valley

The grass eventually starts thinning out as the walk moves further into the rainforest. We came across some photo-worthy old gates and some massive trees in this section.

Old gate
Massive tree

Once under the canopy of the rainforest the track follows the ridge for a while before it starts heading up hill towards Mt. Cougal. The last section of track was quite steep but with plenty of exposed roots making good steps.

The track getting steeper

Eventually, the fence stops as the terrain gets more rocky towards the peak. Before you start up the final rock scramble to the top you can head to the left to check out the cave that burrows right through the mountain. I had a look inside but wasn’t game to try the last squeeze through to the other side.

The view back towards the cave entrance

There was also a brilliant lookout further around to the left with great views along the cliffs of Mt. Cougal.

View along Mt. Cougal

The final section below the peak was a reasonably steep rock scramble but there was plenty of hand and foot holds to use. Finally we reached the peak in time for lunch and had the place to ourselves to enjoy the view. There were great views in most directions if you find the right angles between the foliage.

View from the peak

Especially impressive is the second of the twin peaks of Mt. Cougal which can be reached by traversing the razorback ridge. We decided to leave this for another day and after eating lunch and being surprised by a big carpet python sunning itself we headed back the way we had come.

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