Main Range, Mt. Lindsay and Wild Oasis

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday’s adventures.

Creek Crossing #3

This was the road to the start of our intended walk yesterday near The Steamers on the Main Range and was the point where we started to get worried about whether we would reach our intended destination in the 2wd Tuscon. Damn that water was cold!!

Creek Crossing #4

This is where we did in fact decide that we weren’t going to reach the start of the walk and turned around.

Mt. Lindsay from the Highway
Mt. Lindsay from Barney View Rd.

These photos were taken on the way to Mt. Barney after driving through Killarney and up the Mt. Lindsay Hwy. We eventually decided to cut our losses and head for home.

The upside was that we got home with enough time to to have a play with the latest piece of gear to arrive. I picked up a Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis tarp shelter second hand off the bushwalking forums. I had been thinking of trying out a Pyramid type shelter and when this popped up it was perfect. Weight is 400g which includes the perimeter bug netting and guylines. Adding a 100g Tyvek ground sheet and 6 pegs for 50g makes a 550g single person, mostly bug proof shelter.

Not having a fixed floor means the pitched height can be changed depending on the conditions. When pictched moderately higher there is plenty of room for sitting up and for sleeping inside. Entry and exit is easy aswell. When pitched to the ground for bad weather the space is limited so I would only do this in very bad weather. Hope to get out for a proper test run soon.

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