Mt. Mitchell

Date: 22 August 2010

Walkers: Maree, Myself

After considering a few options south of Brisbane for a day walk we decided on something starting at Cunningham’s Gap in the Main Range National Park. The drive took about 1 hour from Ipswich to Cunningham’s Gap where we parked then crossed the highway to start the walk to the twin peaks of Mt. Mitchell.

The days walk had two secondary purposes for myself. Firstly was to test out the Spot personal tracking and emergency beacon and secondly was to test out the new rucksack mentioned in my previous post. Both of these will be reviewed in a post to come soon including results from the Spot.

Testing the new Osprey Aether

Testing the new Pack

Grass trees in bloom

Grass trees in bloom

View to the East with Cunningham Hwy

View to the East with Cunningham Hwy

As mentioned, the track starts on the southern side of the highway and is the only one heading in this direction from the car park. The foliage starts out as fairly sparse rainforest as the track immediately heads up-hill at an easy gradient. The track is very well graded the whole way up.

Spectacular views are available to the East at first, then to the West and eventually the South at various places along the track. The bush also transitions between open scrub dotted with Grass Trees and quite soggy and dense rainforest depending on the aspect of the hill. The Grass Trees were flowering and were attracting lots of birds.

Overall this walk was well worth the 10km or so round trip.

Mt. Mitchell Summit

Mt. Mitchell Summit

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