Mt. Barney Lower Portals

Date: 30 Dec 2010

Walkers: Tom, Tenelle, Maree, Myself

Well the rain finally let up and we were all on holidays so we jumped at the chance to get out and do something outside for a change. We decided to head down to Mt. Barney again, however unlike previous visits opted for a more relaxing walk out to Lower Portals.

We arrived at the carpark and headed off by about 10:30 in the morning. The track was about 3.8KM each way and followed the base of the mountain dropping in and out of numerous gullies with creeks of varying sizes. At various points the cicada’s were almost deafening and covered the sides of the trees spraying us as we went past.

We eventually arrived at Barney Creek to find the water rushing past. After investigating up and down the creek for a way to cross without getting wet we decided that it wasn’t going to happen so got changed into our swimming gear. At the Lower Portals themselves the water was flowing slower because of the depth and the swimming was very nice on a humid day.

While sitting by the creek we spotted some brush tailed rock wallabies and after lazing around for the rest of the afternoon and avoiding the eels we eventually headed back to the car for the trip home.

Looking up towards the Lower Portals with Leaning Peak in the background
Barney Creek

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